Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sending the woman off to fight your battles

After being out of the spotlight for almost 7 months, Tom Cruise is inflicting himself on the population again. But what was he careful to do before he started appearing everywhere? Send Katie Holmes and "his" daughter out to mend HIS fences.

You've seen the photos, Katie out having lunch with Brooke Shields (the site of his last great stand), having Katie making things look good.

Now they're finally getting married this weekend. I feel bad for Katie. I think she's in over her head, and there's no way to get out now.....not without losing her baby.

And as for Suri...that baby is all Katie. Suri looks just like her mother. Doesn't look at all like Tom...which just confirms my feelings that Suri wasn't conceived naturally. I swear there was a fertility clinic involved in the conception.

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