Friday, November 17, 2006

Emmitt wins Dancing With The Stars 3

Season 3 is all over, and the winner is..... Emmitt Smith.

I have to say, I'm quite happy Mario didn't win.

The premise of Dancing with the Stars was to take stars who had no dancing background, and teach them all the intracracies of ballroom dancing. Every season ABC sacrifices this premise to get ratings. Last year, they brought in Drew Lachey, who was in a boy band and was experienced in learning routines and pulling them off, and he won.

This year, they had two ringers, Mario Lopez and Joey Lawrence. True, Joey Lawrence only had dance training when he was small, but he still had it. He still carried with him the training he received when he was a child. And Mario. Mario was on Kids Incorporated. He learned dance routines every week, and had to master them. Both of them had dance training. Neither of them should have been allowed to compete. I'd even go so far as saying Willa Ford is a recording artist and has training when she does her videos, she probably shouldn't have been allowed in either.

So I'm very glad Emmitt, who had no training and worked his butt off, won this season's DWTS.

That all being said.... I wonder if they give Cheryl a bean bag next season if she could win again?

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