Friday, November 10, 2006

And Where will you be on Black Friday?

Black Friday is the name given to the day after Thanksgiving. It's when nutcases, like me, get up at insane times in the morning to go camp out in front of our favorite stores for their early (usually 5AM) openings to get the amazing sales.

For example, one year my husband wanted a laptop. Me, being the terrific wife I am got up to get him his special Black Friday laptop. I got up at 4 AM and sleep-drove my way to Best Buy. I then stood out in the cold and rain from 4:30 to 6:00 in my quest to get the laptop. While talking to people in line, I found out the ones that were first in line had gotten there at 10PM the night about dedication. Three hours later, irritated, laptop in hand, I left the store in victory.

Other memorable Black Fridays... the year of the Furby. I remember my mom, step-dad, and I hitting about 5 stores going through the mad rush as stores opened (back then they all opened different times, so if you were lucky you could hit every opening). After 3 stores, we finally got our Furbies. has started it's yearly countdown to Black Friday. If you are like me and take this stuff seriously, you need to scope out the sales so you can figure out which sale you must be at when the doors open, which store you'll hit next and plan out your morning.

Want to start planning your attack?

Anything on your wishlist?
Have any Black Friday memories?

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