Saturday, August 08, 2009

It's the Weekend already??

I didn't think there'd ever come a time in my life when I was a bit disappointed when the weekend came.

But now there is.

It's so easy during the week. Wake up, get dressed, get boys up, get them dressed, drop them off at daycare, rush to work, work, rush home, make dinner, baths, put the boys to bed, put myself to bed. Repeat.

During the week, I function....I do my job, I joke around, I do simple life things...

When Friday afternoon hits, it's like a part of me shuts down. I can feel myself retreating. I find no joy in the simple things, I'm depressed the whole time I'm doing my weekly shopping, seeing old people brings me to tears. I stare off into space. I can feel my mind not working. I sit and hope Monday comes soon.

I'm a nervous wreck when people aren't where I think they should be. I call my husband....I even worried about the day care providers one day when they weren't there in time.

It'll be 4 weeks Monday that my world changed forever. It's so hard to believe it's only been 4 weeks since my life became one big suckfest, and at the same time, think it's only been 4 weeks but feels so much longer.

I miss my mom. I miss her so much I ache. I miss her not coming through my front door every morning at 6AM. I miss her not calling me to remind me I forgot to take dinner out. I miss her calling me to tell me Jamie peed on the potty. I miss going to her house and being enveloped by her. I miss her.

While doing simple things like shopping...your brain wanders. Today it wandered to... Did she know I loved her? I told her, yes, but did she believe I did, or did she think I was just saying it. Did she think I took advantage of her. Did she know I loved her so very much? Did she know that I would give anything to have her back?

Every day sucks. I feel like a part of me was buried with her 4 weeks ago. I feel lost and alone. I feel so pissed off at my step-father for letting this happen, I'm pissed off at myself for not seeing it, I'm pissed off at her for not telling anyone, and I'm pissed off at God who took her away from me.

She's in a better place. Bullshit. God needed her more than me. Bullshit.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Join 5 minutes for Mom's birthday party!!

Party will be TONIGHT, Thursday, July 30th at 8PM EDT. To attend... watch below!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Help fight Childhood Obesity!

With childhood obesity reaching an all time high across the country, many parents struggle with how to help their children maintain a healthy weight with proper nutrition.

Dr. Joanna Dolgoff, the official doctor of Camp Shane and a board certified pediatrician, has created Dr. Dolgoff's Weigh, a traffic-light system that allows kids to learn which foods are healthiest without counting calories. To spread the word about her site and program, Dr. Weigh, is sponsoring a Wii Fit contest to help you get your family up and moving this summer!

To Enter:
To enter to win the #KidsWeigh Wii Fit contest, check out client testimonials and fabulous Dr. Weigh success stories then fill out this secure contest form telling us which story was your favorite!


Want a chance to speak with Dr. Dolgoff about your nutritional questions and win more prizes?

Join her Friday, July 10th at 9 p.m. ET on Twitter for her #KidsWeigh discussion. Door prizes will be awarded. To RSVP and for more information go to:
Resourceful Mommy.

One grand prize winner will receive a Wii Fit. Two runners-up will receive a free one month membership to Dr. Weigh. This contest ends Friday, July 24th at 11:59 a.m. ET. and is brought to you by Momfluence.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009 Laptop Giveaway Sweepstakes

Is your current computer stalling and giving you blue screen nightmares? Would you love to be able to have one that the kids could use (alas, staying off of yours)? feels your pain and has come to your rescue!

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Friday, July 03, 2009


photo by G Viciano
photo by G Viciano

Looking for some great products to make your summer that much more fun and enjoyable? Looking to pamper yourself while the kids are off at camp? Or maybe you're dealing with summer bumps and bruises. Momfluence has collected some reviews of great products that you need to know about! Check out what our reviewers had to say about these great summer finds. And don't forget to stop by the Momfluence member giveaways listed at the bottom for some summer winning!

Featured Products


FishBites Swimmies - Spending time in the water is one of the most fun and exciting parts of summer. FishBites Swimmies by Swimways is a great solution to give the little ones the extra security they need in the pool, in a fun and exciting way.


Delsey Helium Fusion Carryon - If you are hitting the road or flying the skies this summer for your family vacation, the Delsey Helium Fusion carry-on offers a lightweight solution for packing your travel essentials.


Do Something Daily Calendar - Tired of hearing the kids say they have nothing to do? The DoSomethingDaily Calendar offers fun and exciting suggestions for things to do on each and every day of the year. Make memories with your family, every day!


Perlabella Pearls - Want to combat some of the wrinkles cause by sun damage? Perlabella's Retinol solution helps to fight the signs of aging, that can be caused by excessive sun exposure and other factors.

More Summer Fun


Playdoh Spaghetti Factory


Nerf NFL Progrip Football

SuperSoaker 50

Boochie Game

Good For The Kids

Talking To Toddlers

Two Belles and A Bead Engraved Necklace


Jumeau Handbags


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Bonggamom - $50 Tiny Prints Gift Certificate

IceFairy's Treasure Chest - KiNeSYS, Purex 3-in1, and more

Eccentric, Eclectic Woman - Bra Barrette, Skipping Hippos

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Consumer Queen - FurBuster

PlusSizeMommy - Giant Hershey Bar, Zensoy, and more

MommyNotGuilty - KidBanz Sunglasses

Robyn's Online World - Kodak Digital Frame

Simply Being Mommy - EA Sports Active

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All Momfluence guide reviews are product-provided, featured positions were purchased by vendors. Member reviews and giveaways are not associated with Momfluence.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

iDrive Portable Hard Drive

I recently was lucky enough to win an iDrive Portable Hard Drive from The cool prize I won? I free 320GB Portable Hard Drive.

When I opened the packaging for the iDrive Portable I was surprised by its small size. I’ve seen Smart Phones that are bigger than this hard drive. It’s easily small enough to slip into your jacket pocket.

The drive is recognized moments after I plugged in the USB cable (no other cables are required). A couple of clicks and the iDrive backup software was installed to my machine. It can be installed on multiple machines making it perfect for home backup or for moving between locations.
You couldn’t make this much easier to use. There’s help included but its all very straightforward. I selected my My Documents folders and within 30 minutes all 29GB of data was backed up onto the iDrive. We then plugged it into my husband's laptop, and did the same with his hard drive.

Then we opened up the drive, and it was neatly broken into separate folders for both my and my husband's computers. Making it easy to backup a couple different computers or laptops, and keep them completely separate.

The iDrive is an amazingly easy to use piece of hardware. It doesn't require a PhD to operate, and makes backing up almost painless...which is why most of us don't do it. And coming from someone who's computer recently died and almost lost EVERYTHING, this thing is great for peace of mind.

You can set it up to do automatic backups, and if it's scheduled to run and not attached to your computer at the time, the next time you plug it in, it'll run the backup for you.

The iDrive Portable sells for $69.95, which is a great deal. It's no more expensive than larger external drives, but offers the flexibility of being able to carry it around in your pocket all day because of it's small size.

Fast, small and easy to use. What more could you want from a portable hard drive?

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Homestudio Pendants

I just recently came across a new (to me) site at Etsy called Home Studio. I found them through a giveaway someone was doing, and found a pendant I HAD to have.

The pendants are designs placed on scrabble pieces. I was a bit leery, as I couldn't believe the designs placed on scrabble tiles could look as good as they do on the website, but I was pleasantly surprised when it did.

The pendant came in a pretty silver bag, and a note with product care instructions, and on the back a little note thanking me for the purchase, with my name on the note. It's little things like that, that impress me. It shows that the products are made by a human, not an assembly line.

I got the "love my twins," pendant, but there are many different designs, from flowers, animals, symbols, etc. Everytime I go to their site I find 10 more that are on my wish list.

They recommend that you remove the pendants when you are bathing, swimming, or in water for a good period of time, as they are not waterproof. And in case you're wondering, there's no sharp edges where the design meets the scrabble tile. It's perfectly smooth, and really looks like it was always attached to the piece.

If you like pretty designs that are afforable, and colorful, and really quite simply beautiful, you should check out the designs at Home Studio.

4BabyandMom giveaway - Abba Dabba Bags

I just recently won a giveaway from Lauren at 4BabyandMom, in which I won a gorgeous wristlet from Abba Dabba Bags.

I have to say how impressed I was at the entire experience! Lauren was very nice, and Monica sent a GORGEOUS item!

What I loved about it when I first looked at it, was it was so colorful! Mine has beautiful pinks and browns and yellows. It's not one of those drab items that you hide, you want to show it off!

It's also alot bigger than you would think. I originally thought it would be barely big enough to put some cash and a driver's license in, but you can put so much more in. You can easily put those items in, but also throw in lip gloss, your keys, and even more than that.

The inside is a gorgeous brown, and you'll also be surprised by the weight of it. I have to admit I was a bit concerned thinking that every day use would cause tears, but it is very heavy. I can wear it on my wrist and not worry if it bangs against something.

If you love wristlets (as I'm beginning to), or like something of good quality, that looks DIFFERENT, you will love these bags!