Saturday, March 07, 2009

Homestudio Pendants

I just recently came across a new (to me) site at Etsy called Home Studio. I found them through a giveaway someone was doing, and found a pendant I HAD to have.

The pendants are designs placed on scrabble pieces. I was a bit leery, as I couldn't believe the designs placed on scrabble tiles could look as good as they do on the website, but I was pleasantly surprised when it did.

The pendant came in a pretty silver bag, and a note with product care instructions, and on the back a little note thanking me for the purchase, with my name on the note. It's little things like that, that impress me. It shows that the products are made by a human, not an assembly line.

I got the "love my twins," pendant, but there are many different designs, from flowers, animals, symbols, etc. Everytime I go to their site I find 10 more that are on my wish list.

They recommend that you remove the pendants when you are bathing, swimming, or in water for a good period of time, as they are not waterproof. And in case you're wondering, there's no sharp edges where the design meets the scrabble tile. It's perfectly smooth, and really looks like it was always attached to the piece.

If you like pretty designs that are afforable, and colorful, and really quite simply beautiful, you should check out the designs at Home Studio.

4BabyandMom giveaway - Abba Dabba Bags

I just recently won a giveaway from Lauren at 4BabyandMom, in which I won a gorgeous wristlet from Abba Dabba Bags.

I have to say how impressed I was at the entire experience! Lauren was very nice, and Monica sent a GORGEOUS item!

What I loved about it when I first looked at it, was it was so colorful! Mine has beautiful pinks and browns and yellows. It's not one of those drab items that you hide, you want to show it off!

It's also alot bigger than you would think. I originally thought it would be barely big enough to put some cash and a driver's license in, but you can put so much more in. You can easily put those items in, but also throw in lip gloss, your keys, and even more than that.

The inside is a gorgeous brown, and you'll also be surprised by the weight of it. I have to admit I was a bit concerned thinking that every day use would cause tears, but it is very heavy. I can wear it on my wrist and not worry if it bangs against something.

If you love wristlets (as I'm beginning to), or like something of good quality, that looks DIFFERENT, you will love these bags!