Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jiffy Lube

This is a post long-coming, but most deservedly due.

I used to go to Jiffy Lube religiously, on both of our cars. Then we bought cars from a dealership that provided free oil changes, and my trips to Jiffy Lube were relegated to occaisional trips when the dealership was going to charge WAY too much for other services.

I don't think I've personally been to a Jiffy Lube in about 3 years.

About 2 weeks ago, I had to take my car in to get something done with the differentials.

Oh my goodness!

I think they must have re-vamped their customer service process.

I pulled up, they asked me what I needed done, they opened my door for me, walked me to the lounge, and called me M'aam. At the end, they called me by name up to pay, opened the door to the shop, followed me to my car, opened my car door for me, shut it, and said thank you Ms. Mill-Irving.

I was shocked! It was just such outstanding customer service, I'm bowled over. I've never been treated so well.

If they keep this up, Jiffy Lube has an adamant fan for life in me!

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