Monday, December 01, 2008

Black Friday = insane people

Yes, I'm one of the idiots that go out on Black Friday. It's a tradition. Even if the sales aren't so great (like this year), I still go out.

I remember the days when I was in the thick of the frenzies... Remember the Furby? I remember that day we did 4 stores in about 45 minutes and FINALLY had success! I also spent a cold, rainy morning in line at Best Buy to get my husband a laptop computer. Or the year all of us huddled around a puny little table at Wal-mart to get the RCA mp3 player (that was a hunk of junk).

But what is up with the crowds? If you ever wondered about the "mob mentality" attitude that psychiatrists say exists, go to Walmart on Black Friday. Would there EVER be a time when one or two people would knock down a man and trample him? No. But somehow when a group of people get together, people don't think twice about it.

Hey, I realize you were out in the cold all night to get a good deal on a TV. Ummm..... who made you do it? Do you also realize that you probably could have gotten that TV from the warmth of your home by going online? What makes your want of a TV more important than a man's life?

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