Thursday, December 07, 2006

If only people would tell the truth

I just got a call from the insurance company today. When my husband was in the first of his two recent accidents, the officer asked my husband for his email address and told him he'd email him the report that night. We never received it. I proceeded to email him 3 more times asking for this report, never to hear back from him. So finally I dropped it, figuring our insurance company would deal with it.

I get a phone call from our insurance company today saying they can't find record of the accident with either Leesburg City or VA State police. So I call up the police dept and after looking for 5 minutes, they find it and tell me despite the fact the cop said otherwise, they don't email reports and if I want the report, I have to pay them $6 for it.

So another call to StateFarm later, hopefully they'll deal with it.

Ugh... if they don't email reports, why ask my husband for his email address and say they'll send it to him????

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